Minutes of the Meeting From Thursday September 21, 2017

&  Agenda for Meeting Thursday October 19, 2017
            Our Guest Speakers for the evening are from Blossom Hill Nurseries- Hazel and Joe Cook

            **The topic for the evening is  All About Peonies.

Over 22 acres of land, Blossom Hill Nurseries was establieshed in 1994
Very excited to have registered and to be able to offer for sale the peony, John’s Dream.
This seedling started by John Simkins is the first grown and registered from Blossom Hill Nursery.
 It is an excellent and unique yellow peony that has been sought after by many growers and breeders. There are only a few roots available.
The extreme drought conditions in 2016 were a further reminder that we all need to protect the environment and adjust to global warming.
They adjusted  technics to conserve water and had another successful year.
Although the blooms were affected, our peonies, delphiniums and other perennials adapted and rebounded with the increased fall precipitation.
Their peony root divisions were as large and healthy as other years.
We are planning further changes to conserve water this coming growing season.
Blossom Hill honey bees are providing honey and beeswax candles.
Blossom Hill specializes in delphiniums and peonies as well as many other hardy perennials.
The plants including delphiniums and peonies are grown in our own fields.
The peonies are propagated by either division or grafting but not by micro-propagation.
 Although the peonies are available for purchase during the entire growing season they are only dug in the fall as that is the best time of year to propagate them.
Blossom Hill Nurseris offers mail order services to Canadian and USA destinations, as well as direct sales from our farm.  Many years ago, they added British strain Delphinium elatum to their gardens.
They possess stronger stems, larger florets and are hardier than other Delphinium elatum.
Have been hybridizing their own stain ever since. The delphiniums have won the only two Bronze Medallions from The Delphinium Society (UK) awarded in Canada. 
Each year more varieties reach maturity in the field
Now have more than 600 varieties (5500 plants) including species, tree, herbaceous and Itoh (Intersectional) peonies.
The collection produces an amazing show. Most peonies flower in the month of June but some bloom in late May and early July.
Delphiniums tend to flower from mid-June to mid-July and again in late summer and autumn.

           Minutes from September 21 Meeting:

            Meeting called to order by Judy Muldoon at 8:10pm

             Seed exhange is set up on the back table for anyone interested , seeds will be available at the           October meeting as well.

            Henry Webster is here with the catalogue from Vessie Seeds. Orders must be in by October 5.

            Remember that 50% of the sales go back to our club as a fundraiser

            Membership: Anne Tetrault informs us that we have 76 members currently

            Guests present tonight: 2 --Please stand be acknowledged

            Tea Fundraiser for the OHA Convention: Tea for Sale: See Pat Dunham $5.00 per packet

             Executive Board is currently working on the Speakers and subjects for 2018, any ideas for          topics let one of the board members know.

                 OHA District 3 Fall Advisory Meeting: Saturday November 4 from 10am-3pm in Belleville       

            Fee: $10 per person, please let Judy Muldoon know if you plan to attend

            Gananoque Horticultural Society is holding a fall Floral Arts session on Monday September 25

            Trenton is responsible for the Silent Auction at the OHA Convention in Kingston  in July     of  2018. We are currently forming our comittee If you would like to be part of this             wonderful event, Please contact Judy Muldoon.. We are required to have 120 baskets available for the auction. If you have something unique to donate, please let Judy know.     
                           Agenda for Thursday October19, 2017:

            Our Guest Speaker is: Terry Sprauge  **Topic: “The Big Freeze”

            How do plants and animals prepare for the winter, much less survive it.

            Guests $5.00

            Awards Night: Awards to be given to the winners of the Flower Show and Vegetable Show

              Seed Exchange: Bring your extra seeds to exchange with other club members

             Saturday November 4-OHA District 3 Fall Advisory Meeting: Belleville

            Trenton will be well represented again this year. Attending from our club are:

            Judy Muldoon, James Kimmerly, Rose Odell, Pat Dunham, Sally Latimour, Anne Tetrault,  Dennis and Pat Mulik

            Palantine Roses: If you place your order, Judy Muldoon would be able to pick them up next            April  instead of having them shipped. Just let her know.

 Elections will be held at the November meeting.  Please see Joan Gray if you would like to join the executive.  All members welcome.  Just a reminder that the November meeting is a potluck that starts at 6 pm.